Choose your workshop

  • Poisons Negativity

    4th Weeks Personal Online Workshop
    • Affirmation
    • A Few Tasks
    • Steps how to naturally as possible rid of these pains
  • Mains Chakras

    7th Weeks Personal Chakras Online Workshop
    • The name of the Chakras and them function
    • Also they Color, Element, Symbol, Minerals, Essential oil
    • About each chakra individually
    • What happens if your chakra is out of alignment.
    • About each chakra individually
    • Imbalances caused from many situations occurring in our life
    • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issue
    • Homework /Exercise /Affirmation for each chakra individually
    • How to open your Chakras, naturally as much as possible
    • Meditation
  • Baby Massage

    Baby Massage Workshop with Jitka
    Valid for one month
    • How to massage your baby
    • What oils to use for baby massage
    • When is it not a suitable time to massage your baby
    • Discover the benefits of massage for your child
    • Helping your baby learn to relax
    • Minor illness and colic
    • Nature healing product
    • Music suggestions