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General Information and benefits of 4th weeks Personal Workshop

The most important to understand what you will learn here is that any negativity or health problems that begin to happen in our lives are not bad for us how it looks on the first look. But it is a warning us, that we are doing something wrong, that we are going in the wrong direction, that life as we live is unhealthy, not full-value, we do not use our potential, we have closed it and locked it somewhere. Of these minor injuries and even the most serious ones, meaning that your body or your subconscious is called for help or your body is warning you in the future before something bigger. And that's why it happened to you. So for example when you break your leg, we get time to realize and review these things that we are doing something wrong. We can relax, slow down, and gain strength, realizing that this is not the way we are supposed to go. Your subconscious knowingly is connected to the ''space source'', so the body decides to tell you enough, you're doing it wrong, you are going on the wrong path please start over again. If we are constantly ignoring the minor injuries or illnesses, so logically the major injuries appear. Because the universe is no longer knows how else he would open your eyes. That when we begin to understand already at the small illness or injury, it's for us a gift and we have something to learn on that lesson, that stop of the bigger ones that no longer come. 

'As they say, everything bad is for something good'.


What you will learn? What will this workshop bring to you?

1. I will talk about a few examples of different diseases or health issues if you will, and how to get the best out of them to understand why this is happening to us right now right here. Let's start from the weakest to the strongest. We will learn how to understand those bad things happening to us in our lives or have ever happened, and how it is a great gift for us, a positive aspect that suggests that it is time to deal differently, that the way we are going is not the right one. From all illnesses, both small and large, your body warns us to slow down, to think, and start doing things differently. Our body warns us about something bigger in the future can happen if you don't know what to do and how to live differently right now. 


Affirmation, A Few Tasks, Steps how to naturally as possible get rid of these pains.

And here I remind it that is nothing that should go against medicine; this workshop is nothing against the medicine you have to accept. Medications that must take - take it, but at the same time try to find out what you will find here, maybe a new way of natural healthy living. Feel free to consult with your doctor if you want to be sure.

2. To understand that if you pushing away from inside your head the things that you don't want and you

 will just focus on the things that you really want, that the things or goals that you want so much in your life will start to grow in your life and thinks what you don't want in your life will disappear. In this cases is of course about health versus unhealthy and we will see these two aspects. 

Affirmation, A Few Tasks, Steps how to naturally as possible get rid of these pains.

3. We will try to recognize the signs from above, and once you have learned this, you can even ask the universe for advice or signs. And next, we'll get to how to order what you desire from the universe. 


Affirmation, A Few Tasks, Steps how to naturally as possible get rid of these pains.

4. You will find that when you pay attention from now, for something new in your life, and what it was .You make a ‘’thick line to your past and you will start building a new foundation for your future from the moment now. You will realize that we are actually live with the leftovers from the past, and the past always catches up with us. So if we start right now over again your future will be different. When we start to understand why those bad things happening to us, soon or later we realize the reason why is happening or it happened. So after when you see how easy it is you will connect to the source of the universe and start to begin to see miracles.​

Affirmation, A Few Tasks, Steps how to naturally as possible get rid of these pains.


Here I have to remind you that it is good to believe it. If you don't believe it and you are sceptical about anything a new in your life nothing will change. You need to change your own beliefs. If you want to change something, you have to realize a lot of things admit the truth. And if you have the desire to change something do it because nobody will ever do anything for you. Making mistakes is a journey in your life path. The attention I would like to point - this is not intentional errors, which you do on purposes, and not at all hurt anyone especially psychical harms. (It is healing longer than physically)!!! 


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