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My Reiki and Chakras Story

Once my Reiki and Chakra journey began, I knew I was on the path for life. I studied. I practiced. I explored.  I start this journey in January 2014 during that time, I spent hours reading books, searching for a deeper meaning of Reiki and Chakra. My life was very sad, full of fear, negative thoughts, and worries. The spiritual path I have taken as a Reiki Practitioner has expanded my awareness, allowing me to take a good look at and within myself and to be able to change the things that I did not like, and that no longer served me well.  


The idea - flying incomprehensible nothing, like fluttering the wings of a fly, and is gone. And in it the vibrating force of creating and destroying energy, we can choose. We each live with our habits of thoughts and repetitive words. It sounds a bit fabulous. Let's try to make a small inventory of our stereotypical thinking, which is unfortunately often negative. These include our fears, doubts, mistrust, suspicions, and propensity for catastrophic scenarios. We often don't even notice what's going on in our minds.  


Each of our thoughts or feelings about another person becomes a form of energy that affects him at a certain level. What we give, we receive. The broadcast is coming back to us. In any case, we have a choice, an opportunity to have a positive or negative effect on our own lives and the world around us. It is important how, now, at this moment, we want to think about what we want to say and what we want to believe. Our decision is important. And thus we create the experience of tomorrow, next month, and year.  


Incredible as it may seem to us, with our emotions and mantras of every day, often repetitive words, we influence the flow of energy in the body. Negative patterns of thought bind us, vibrations of emotions of fear, sadness, jealousy, and anger block the distribution of energy, and it can be held back in the chakras. The long-lasting tension in the body, mainly in the form of fear, is stored as a rotting swamp, until the disease subsequently manifests itself with an energy block.    


Chakras ---- The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘’ WHEEL’’ The chakras are centers of energy located in different parts of the body, each representing a different symbol similar to a flower or a wheel.  


Seeing that my client has more energy, less pain, or healing them mind makes me happy to help them to be available to see another way in themes life. I believe when you open your Chakras it is an effective method for a holistic treatment towards and more happy and fulfilling life the body and mind connection is much stronger than we think.  


And subconscious emotions such as –

  • Fears

  • Sadness

  • Self-doubt

  • Anxiety

  • Stress  


Can lead to physical discomforts or energy blockages. When you open your Chakras you allow you to see things more clearly, more calmly, and most importantly you will be happier, more fulfilling, and have authentic life.  


I have a completely new understanding of healing and my capacity to help others as a result of my Reiki and Chakras training, and I want to share that understanding with you. I would like to invite you to my online workshop, Introducing and understanding an individual Mains Chakras in your body.


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