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Pregnancy massage is a type of remedial treatment that is adapted to suit the specific needs of expectant moms and is most beneficial to both mom and baby. Throughout pregnancy,  a women's body undergoes many physical changes. Massage can help to eliminate and relieve some of the complaints that moms can experience through different stages of pregnancy.

When you’re looking for relief from sore muscles and swollen joints during pregnancy (and trust us, we know that is a common occurrence), look to massage!  Not only will it relax your muscles and feel amazing, but it also comes with multiple health benefits.

Reduce Swelling


When your feet, legs, and hands start swelling during pregnancy, it is often caused by reduced circulation and increased pressure on the major blood vessels. Massage can help stimulate the soft tissue, move the extra fluid, and reduce the swelling, leaving you feeling more comfortable.


Relieve Lower Back Pain

Pregnancy massage improves lower back pain including sciatic nerve pain by addressing the tight muscles in the affected area. Prenatal massage increases blood flow and helps release the tension that can be brought on naturally by pregnancy.

Improve Sleep

Getting good quality sleep becomes harder and harder as your pregnancy progresses. Prenatal massage relaxes the nervous system and releases feel-good hormones. This will leave you more relaxed and let you sleep better. That is something we all need!


Prepare Your Body for Labor and Birth

Pregnancy  Massage can help you have an easier delivery, not only because it can reduce your overall stress level but also because of how well it can keep your muscles toned and relaxed in advance of the start of labor. Studies show that women reportedly had shorter hospital stays, shorter labors, and less incidence of post-natal depression when receiving massages.


Relieve Pain Naturally

Prenatal massage offers a natural, safe, drug-free alternative for pain relief. This is beneficial since the use of medications is limited during pregnancy for the safety of your baby.  The increased blood flow to your tissues and the relaxation your body will experience during and after a session can significantly alleviate many of the common discomforts of pregnancy.



Benefits of Pregnancy Massage  

  • Less anxiety

  • A chance to connect with your baby

  • Improved circulation

  • Enhanced feelings of relaxation

  • Soothes a backache

  • Eases water retention

  • Relieves other pregnancy aches and pains

  • Hydrates skin and enhances skin flexibility

  • Reduces stress on joints

  • Can provide relief from pregnancy cramps

  • Provides support for expecting mums

  • Improved sleep

  • A chance to connect with your baby

When your feet, legs, and hands start swelling during pregnancy, it is often caused by reduced circulation and increased pressure on the major blood vessels. Massage can help stimulate the soft tissue, move the extra fluid, and reduce the swelling, leaving you feeling more comfortable.

What else massage can prove?



Stress can hit during pregnancy and post-natally same as it does during other times in your life. It has impacts on your sleep patterns, energy levels, mood, and immune system, making you more susceptible to illness. Relaxation treatments like massage, Reiki healing can help you reduce your stress levels, improve your response to stress, allow you to rest, re-energize, manage everything a bit better and actively boost your immune system.



Tension headaches can occur during pregnancy, just as they can normally. Often this is postural and due to muscle tension. Deep tissue pregnancy massage can help address your tension headaches.

Safe Techniques for Pregnancy Massage


Deep-tissue massage, with firm strokes pressing deep into muscles. Swedish massage, with long strokes to muscles and attention to joint mobility. Massage is an all-natural, holistic, time-proven therapy for reducing pain, promoting healing, and increasing well-being.

Reiki during Pregnancy

Reiki is a gentle way to bring back the positive energy, balance, and deep relaxation to the body - benefits that pregnant women need. Reiki helps pregnant women manage the changes in their bodies, all while keeping them connected to their babies.

Reiki focuses on helping expectant mothers connect with their bodies and their unborn child. The feeling of connection towards a baby may sometimes not come naturally. Connecting with your baby is an amazing experience! With the help of energy healing during the pregnancy Reiki process, your mind can feel relaxed and calm, allowing you to savor your pregnancy without fear and worries.

Reiki strengthens moms-to-be. One of the biggest benefits of Reiki is it gives the mother additional physical strength and emotional strength. With Reiki, moms can get a renewed understanding of their physical and emotional challenges.

Is Reiki safe during pregnancy?

Yes, Reiki is safe during the pregnancy, and through its calming and relaxing effects on the mother, it helps create a loving and balanced space for the child to grow. Reiki heals to the point of our Karma – that is what we have chosen for ourselves to learn and experience during this life, to put back in balance things we have inflicted on other people through our wrong choices in other lives.

Reiki during pregnancy can be a gentle, yet powerful, non-invasive treatment that may help symptoms such as:


  • tiredness

  • low back pain

  • morning sickness

  • mood changes

  • high blood pressure

  • stress

  • emotional disruption experienced both during and after pregnancy

Pregnancy Facial massage

Oxygen facials can increase circulation, promote cellular renewal, and plump out fine lines and wrinkles (in case you need even more plumping!). Hydrating facials use moisture-rich treatments and products to drench pregnancy-parched skin.

Facials are safe for expecting mothers, but not all services that are offered by an aesthetician may be safe. Skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy, so you may need to save the more intense treatments for after your due date.

Massage is generally considered safe in pregnancy.  You will need to adjust your position on the massage table.  As your belly grows, it’s important not to lie flat on your back for long periods.  Lying flat causes the pregnant uterus to compress the large vein in the abdomen.  This can make you feel sick or pass out.  A professional massage therapist with pregnancy experience will be aware of this and use alternative positions.


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