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Pregnancy Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is a full body massage that can help ease women into motherhood by offering both physical and emotional benefits. Massage has long been used as a therapeutic way to promote relaxation, pain relief, and stress reduction. Postpartum massage has all of these same benefits, along with helping any new mom experience a quicker recovery and overall better health after giving birth.

Pregnancy Postpartum Massage

When Can You Start Postpartum Massages?


Women who have had a normal delivery can start the postnatal massage as soon as they are back from the hospital. Usually, this is within the first five days after delivery. However, postpartum massage after a c-section can be performed only after the wound has sufficiently healed. This is generally after one to two weeks. It is better to get a go-ahead from the doctor before beginning the massage, in such a case. Also, the massage should ideally be continued for 40 continuous days to get maximum benefits.

The ideal time for a postpartum massage is as soon as you feel comfortable and ready for one!


Pick the right time


Try to have your massage just after you have fed and changed your little one. If all his needs are met, you are more likely to find an hour or two in which your baby does not ask for you. It will then also be easier to leave him with another family member or trusted caregiver for a while.



Benefits of Postpartum massage


Muscle relaxation.

Postpartum massage relaxes muscles, increases circulation, and lowers stress hormones, bringing both physical and emotional relief. Some women prefer a light-touch massage, while others opt for a deeper massage that reaches further into the muscles and soft tissues of the body for more complete healing.


Pain relief.

It's normal to experience achy muscles after childbirth. A postpartum massage can help relieve pain, especially in areas that are prone to getting sore like the arms, shoulders, and back. Massaging the chest area also opens up the shoulders and relieves breast pain.


Hormone regulation.

Hormones like estrogen increase at a significant level during pregnancy and then decrease after delivery. Postpartum massage can help balance your hormones, as well as your mood. Massage can work to balance naturally occurring chemicals that are linked to depression, including dopamine and serotonin.


 Better sleep.


It’s common to feel exhausted after giving birth and especially as you take care of your new-born. Massage can help ease fatigue, support relaxation, and improve quality of sleep.


Improved breastfeeding.


Postpartum massage has been shown to increase a lactation hormone known as protactinium, which increases milk production.

Reduces Swelling

Reduced circulation caused by increased pressure on the major blood vessels by the heavy uterus and hormonal imbalances may lead to water retention and swelling of the joints. Working on the soft tissues of the body improves circulation and eliminates excess fluid and toxins.

Reduces Stress

Pregnancy can be stressful and for months your body goes through a lot of changes. A postnatal massage is just the rejuvenation your body needs to unwind and beat that stress.


There a little more of benefits

  • Can help to relieve anxiety and fatigue.

  • A soothing and comforting experience.

  • Promotes rest and relaxation.

  • Soothes muscle aches, pain and stiffness.

  • Encourages the bodies natural healing abilities.

  • Counteracts pain and discomfort from lifting, holding or feeding a young baby.

  • A simple effective self-care practice for new mothers.

  • Provides a supportive atmosphere for restoring the mind and body.

  • Stimulates the nervous and circulatory system.


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