Pregnancy Massage Blackrock Dublin

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Save the cost of massage, beauty, and Reiki by purchasing our healing packages. This means saving you over 20% off the normal rate.   Relax and Rejuvenate.

Have a regular professional face massage. This is the best skin regime. A massage stimulates the muscles and lymphatic system. Every area of the body responds to facial massage. It makes the face glow and takes the tiredness and sluggishness away. Be happy. The "ecology" of your mind and heart is fundamental: your face represents what you feel and think. If you are not at peace, have unresolved issues or are full of resentment it will manifest itself on your face, no matter how many products you use or what else you do.


130 minutes stress reliving facial massage with homemade peeling, and mask with eyelash tint, eyebrows shape, and tint.

Our price is €110
You pay €88


135 min Stress reliving facial sauna and massage with 

Anti- cellulite cinnamon wraps (leg massage, peeling and wrap)

Our price is €135
You pay €108


Regular massage and Reiki packages.

massage treatments

Physical benefits Relaxed muscle tension, calms the nervous system, reduce tension headaches, increases blood and lymph circulation, reduce swelling, improve posture.

Emotional benefitsReduce anxiety, enhances self- image, provides a feeling of well being.

Mental benefits Reduce mental stress, promotes quality sleep, improves productivity.

Package ONE

110 min Deep tissue back, foot and leg massage.

Our price is €140
You pay €112


150 min Reiki healing with full body massage 

Our price is €130
You pay €104