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History of Tarot Card

Tarot is the storybook of our life, the mirror to our soul, and the key to our inner wisdom.

Tarot will get shown the exact lessons we need to learn and master to live an inspired life. It’s like holding up a mirror to ourselves so that we can access our subconscious mind and tap into the wisdom and answers that lives in us all.

Tarot cards can help you hear your inner voice and embrace its message. 


Some popular myths about the origin of the Tarot place the first deck in the hands of many different people throughout history. The speculations about the creators of Tarot cards include t the Cathars, the Egyptians, Kabbalists, and more. However, all of the actual historical evidence points that northern Italy sometime in the early part of the 1400s. Contrary to what many have claimed, there is absolutely no proof of the Tarot having originated in any other time or place.

By the mid-18th century, the mystical applications for cards had spread from Italy to other parts of Europe. In France, writer Antoine Court de Gébelin asserted that the tarot was based on a holy book written by Egyptian priests and brought to Europe by Gypsies from Africa. In reality, tarot cards predated the presence of Gypsies in Europe, who actually came from Asia rather than Africa. Regardless of its inaccuracies, Court de Gébelin’s nine-volume history of the world was highly influential.

Tarot is one of the most popular divination practices today.


Today, the suit cards are commonly called the Minor Arcana, while trump cards are known as the Major Arcana. Today complete decks have totalled 78 cards.

Accordingly, the entire universe exists within a tarot deck, with each card representing a person, place, or event. These symbols are depicted in both the Major Arcana cards, which speak to greater secrets, and the Minor Arcana cards, which speak to lesser secrets.

The Major Arcana cards represent monumental, groundbreaking influences. They punctuate our journeys and each stands alone as a powerful message, representing life-changing motions that define the beginnings or ends of cycles. These dynamic cards appear during major transitions, signalling distinctive moments of transformation. The cards are numbered to represent stations within our greater journey through life; their chronological order reveals the passing of time.

The suits (Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups) correspond to their own unique areas of life and astrological elements. Wands symbolize passion and inspiration (corresponding with the fire element), Pentacles represent money and physical realities (corresponding with the earth element), Swords depict intellectual intrigues (corresponding with the air element), and Cups illustrate emotional matters (corresponding with the water element). These suits reveal which spheres of influence are being activated, offering guidance on how to best manage any circumstances at hand.

Together, the Major and Minor Arcana cards create a comprehensive pictorial language. It is important to remember that all the answers we seek exist innately within the deck, with each card illustrating a person, circumstance, or potential outcome.


My journey of the spiritual grow

Every client is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

For your privacy, all conversations held are between me and you only.


I am a very honest professional and with a vast majority of the clientele, can assure you that no problem is too big and none is too small. 

I have over 5 years of experience the advice is given simply makes the problems easier for you, as I believe the solutions are not something you MUST take, but provides a clearer opinion from an outsider's perspective.

 If you are simply lacking confidence, try to focus on one problem at a time.

I have the knowledge and ability to understand situations and the experience to guide you to a clearer vision on various tribulations you might have in life. There is no reason to be frustrated and confused about your current situation as there is a spiritual and scientific way to understand any problems And, if you are simply lacking confidence, focusing on one problem at a time can clarify a core issue.

I work on building energies that can help you understand how karma energy works and how chakra energy points in your body are useful to know about.

Importance of asking good tarot questions 


Asking Right Questions



How can we help each other grow in our relationship?

What can my relationships give me?

How can I find my true love? 

How can I improve my current relationship?

Why did my past relationships fall apart?

What negativity do I bring into my relationship?

What positivity do I bring into my relationship?

How can I open up my great again after heartbreak?

How can I get out of my current relationship?

After a Break-up


How can I open up my great again after heartbreak?



What qualities of mine bring negativity into my friendships?

What qualities of mine bring positivity into my friendships?

How can I heal broken friendships?

What is currently causing my friend stress?

How can I support my friend?

What can I do to be a better friend?

 What can I do to make more friends?

 How can I strengthen my friendships?


What can I do to make my friendships lifelong?

What qualities should I be looking for when choosing my friends?

What qualities of mine attract strong friendships?

 If I am in a toxic friendship, how can I end it?


What would my parents like to change about our relationship?

What would my siblings like to change about our relationship?

What issues from the past are affecting my relationships with my loved ones?

What can I do to help my family?

Marriage prospective analysis. 

Readiness to have children?


What is the prospect of my business?

Guidance in searching for starting a new business?


How to improve my business prospects?

What is currently blocking me from reaching my full career potential?

What can I do to help advance my career?


What are my strengths when it comes to my career?

What are my weaknesses when it comes to my career?

What skills should I use to help advance my career?

Did my beliefs about a career impact my decisions? If so, how?

When Job Searching 

How is my job situation?

What is the best professional option for me?

What can I work on to become more independent?

What kind of work should I be looking for?


What is my cash flow like?

How to improve my financial situation?

What can I do to overcome financial struggles?


How can I create a life of wealth?

Which of my personality traits should I use to become wealthy?

Which skills should I develop to make more money?

What’s standing in my way and preventing me from building wealth?

General Questions 

What stands in my way?

What can help me to move on ?

What are my talents?

What are my abilities?

What is the reason behind my loneliness? 


What are my abilities?

What is blocks me?

How to find my balance?


What are the resources in my bloodline?

What are the blocks inherent in my bloodline?

What are my magical abilities?

What is my karmic task?


What is my purpose in life? 

How to fulfill my mission?


Finding my life mission card? 

Diagnosis of negative analysis of aura?

Diagnosis of negative analysis of 7 main chakras?

How do my past lives influence me?


What can I be doing to improve my health and wellbeing?

What can I do to increase my energy levels?

What is blocking me from being in my best health?

What should I be doing to help overcome serious health issues?

Physical health 

How can I work to prevent serious health issues?

What changes should I make to my current lifestyle?

What is wrong with my current approach to health and wellbeing?


Mental health 

What can I do to help me cope with a health issue?

How can I work to prevent serious health issues?

What changes should I make to my current lifestyle?

What current issues am I ignoring in regards to my health?


How can I boost my energy levels? 

What is standing in my way of optimum health? 

How can I find the courage to cope with a serious health issue?



What can I do to overcome grief?

How can I find happiness again and achieve a life of joy?

Decision Making Questions


What will make me feel at peace about the decision I’m facing?
How should I go about making this decision?
What pros or cons am I missing about this decision?

How can I decide if this is a temporary slump or if I should make a
big change?

Why am I feeling overwhelmed by this decision?
What is clouding my judgment?
What about this situation is making me pause?
How can I ensure that I’m making the right call in this situation?



Self Improvement

What is my biggest fear?

What can I do to build my self-confidence?

How can I let go of my fears?

What can I do to build my self-confidence?

 How can I let go of my fears?

Who do I really want to be?


What has this fear prevented me from doing in my life?

How has this fear helped me?


How can I improve my self-esteem?

What false beliefs do I have about myself?

What past mistakes should I be reflecting on?

What lessons should I have learned from these mistakes?

What steps should I be taking towards self-improvement?

How do I learn to accept the difficult news?


What can I do to help manage my emotions better?

Is there anything that I refuse to acknowledge about myself?

If so, what is it?

How can I bring happiness back into my life?

How am I preventing myself from happiness?

How does Tarot consultation work.​


  • At the Tarot consultation, we discuss your situation and do appropriate Tarot spreads.

  • I give you answers to your questions and we sum up the results of our meeting.

  • I will send you, to sum up, the results in your email in pdf format.

  • Determining your soul card.

  • Identifying your personal card.

  • Having the same soul and personality card meanings.

  • Finding card for the Year.

  • Finding today’s general card.

Here are some of the absolute does not!!!



  1. I never ever diagnose anything.

  2. I do not give information about how to treat or change the treatment for a diagnosed condition.

  3. I do not tell my client to stop taking a certain type of prescribed medication.

  4. I do not take responsibility for anyone's life choices; this is up to everyone to make the choice on their own.

  5. I am not doing the tarot consultations about the questions that served bad intentions

For example asking - how to cheat, take revenge, violate any norms, morality, or law.

Tarot cards never answer Yes or No

These questions won’t allow you to get quality answers and they can leave you in distress. 

Good questions focus on what you can do to improve yourself and get the answers you need to thrive. 

The most important thing is that you focus on improving yourself during these readings. If you are going to ask questions, make sure the focus is on you.


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