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Pregnancy massage improves lower back pain including sciatic nerve pain by addressing the tight muscles in the affected area. Massage increases blood flow and helps release the tension that can be brought on naturally by pregnancy.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage  

  • Improved sleep quality.

  • Lowers stress and anxiety levels.

  • Lessens swelling of the joints

  • Alleviates muscle pain and cramps

  • Reduces nerve pain

  • A chance to connect with your baby


When your feet, legs, and hands start swelling during pregnancy, it is often caused by reduced circulation and increased pressure on the major blood vessels. Massage can help stimulate the soft tissue, move the extra fluid, and reduce the swelling, leaving you feeling more comfortable.


Prices - 75 min €80, 50 min €60


Oxygen facials can increase circulation, promote cellular renewal, and plump out fine lines and wrinkles (in case you need even more plumping!). Hydrating facials use moisture-rich treatments and products to drench pregnancy-parched skin.

Facials are safe for expecting mothers, but not all services that are offered by an aesthetician may be safe. Skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy, so you may need to save the more intense treatments for after your due date.

Massage is generally considered safe in pregnancy.  You will need to adjust your position on the massage table.  As your belly grows, it’s important not to lie flat on your back for long periods.  Lying flat causes the pregnant uterus to compress the large vein in the abdomen.  This can make you feel sick or pass out.  A professional massage therapist with pregnancy experience will be aware of this and use alternative positions.

Prices - 75 min €70, 50 min €60



Pregnancy is unique and diverse. One mother’s experience may be different from another. However, my experience with working with pregnant women has helped me understand one thing - pregnancy does not come without challenges and stress.


Carrying a baby is not a walk in the park - that’s why expectant moms deserve the benefits of Reiki. If you’re an expectant mom, or if someone you love is carrying a baby, here are some pregnancy Reiki benefits you should know.


  • Reiki Eases Stress and Worries

  • Reiki Strengthens the Mother-Child’s Bond

  • Reiki Heals Physical Pains and Changes The Way Mothers Look At Pregnancy

  • Reiki is an effective, non-invasive treatment that can help physical pains associated with pregnancy such as:

  • Lower back pain

  • Exhaustion

  • Joint pain

  • Cramps

  • Stress

  • Mood changes

  • High blood pressure

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Sciatica


Prices - 75 min €80, 50 min €60

Combo Chakra healing with massage - 120min €120