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Positive Thinking

Many of us complain that life is complicated but in truth, it’s really just that we’re complicated. This means that if we just start doing the right things, we can make life wonderfully simple again. First, you have to decide what’s important to you.  Then, you need to focus on eliminating as much of everything else as you possibly can. While everyone has a different idea of what an enjoyable simplified life should look like, there are a few things that suit most lifestyles.


Set Aside The Desires Of Others-

Sure, your family members, friends, and colleagues might all have their own ideas about what’s best for you, but your existence can be much simpler and happier if you stop caring about what everyone else thinks.  Connect with who you are, accept what you want, and take risks as you follow your heart. Meanwhile, don’t listen to those who would try to hold you back or limit you—dream as big as you can.  

Accept That You’re Still Growing-

Instead of feeling bad that you and your life are a “work in progress”, embrace the idea. Engaging in a long-term process of growth doesn’t mean you aren’t wonderful, as you already are—it just means you have an even better tomorrow to look forward to.  Yes, you do. For those of you who are feeling stuck at the moment, and are losing hope that better days are coming soon – please, don’t stop believing! Don’t give up!

Don’t Live In Your Own Head-

Essentially, don’t wish your life away. Each moment you experience is priceless, and if you don’t find a way to mindfully engage with the present then you’ll miss out. If you find you’re always analysing the past or worrying about the future, incorporate more mindfulness tasks into your day.  Whether you practice meditation, go somewhere to watch people or just listen to a favourite song and let it wash over you, be part of life as it is happening.

Let Go Of What Isn’t Meant To Be-

As you probably know in your heart, you can’t manifest the future you desire if you’re too wrapped up in a past that needs to be let go. If you’re holding on to a person, idea, thing or experience that is long gone, making peace with the fact it wasn’t meant to be can do a lot to simplify your life.  One thing that can help is making a list of lessons you drew from this particular loss so that you know the painful or difficult experience wasn’t in vain.

Don’t Complain-

Instead of wasting time thinking about the things you can’t control, figure what you can control and then act to make the changes you desire. When you focus on the negative, you just attract more of the time and end up in a self-fulfilling prophecy of the very worst kind.  Look for ways to overcome obstacles and ways to create what you want—the universe will respond by sending more good things in your direction.

Be Productive Rather Than Busy-

It’s tempting to stay as busy as possible so that we feel a sense of forwarding momentum. However, it’s more important to stop and make sure you get the right things done. Ask yourself exactly what results you’re looking to achieve, and then make plans that lead to those outcomes.  If you find yourself getting wrapped up in things that don’t actually satisfy you or support your dreams, change tack and start doing something else.

Search For Silver Linings-

Just as looking for lessons in hard experiences can help to make it easier to move on to a simpler life, so can finding the good things amidst tougher times. When you feel low, take some sleep, deep breaths and look around you to find sources of hope.  Maybe hope comes in the form of your great network of friends who will always support you, or in opportunities created by doors that have just closed, but the point is that there is always a silver lining to be found if you search hard enough.  

Be With The Right People-

Don’t just socialise with people because they’re the people you’ve always been around or because there’s pressure to do so—instead, find the people who make you feel alive and appreciated, and stick with them. They will carry you forward in your growth, help you reach your dreams, and ensure you keep laughing. Those who sap your energy or spread toxicity aren’t worth your time.

Accept Less Than Perfection-

Even when you get everything you want, there will still be tough times and fresh challenges—some coming from within, and some from without. After all, we are all imperfect, and we are all learning.  However, if you can find it in yourself to choose to be grateful and happy every chance you get, you can make peace with the idea that it’s okay for things to be less than perfect. This sense of acceptance is at the heart of what it means to live a simplified life.


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